Cucm vm matrix

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Cucm vm matrix

Go back to: Cisco Collaboration Virtualization. Version This page has been updated to reflect compatibility with the latest M5 hardware. Click here to download support for M4 and older hardware. For multi-cluster deployments, it is recommended that you use the 5, user VM configuration at a minimum.

Does not apply to ESXi version upgrades. Yes ESXi 6. Yes Except ESXi 6. See notes. Yes ESXi 5. Version 9.

Cisco Unified Communications - Home Lab (VMWare Details)

Notes on user VM configurations. If you are migrating from a physical server with more than 80 GB of storage space to a virtual machine with a user deployment size of either or 2, see the Disaster Recovery System Administration Guide for more information.

For a given capacity point such as the 10K user VMthe virtual hardware specs represent the minimum for that capacity point. Customers seeking capacity increases should migrate all cluster nodes to a higher fixed capacity point as described in the design guide and upgrade guide. If mixing capacity points in the same UCM cluster then the scale per cluster and the density per node continue to be limited to that of the lowest capacity point as described in the design guide.

Notes on 1, user VM configurations. Notes on 2, user VM configurations. Notes on 5, user VM configurations. Notes on 15, user VM configurations. Click for "IOPS". When deployed on a BES server, minimum supported version is Expect similar peaks as Cisco Unified Communications Manager during backups and upgrades.Click here to Read Important Support Information. Technical support for VMware products is available online or by phone depending on your support offering.

Self-service, web-based support resources such as the Knowledge Base and VMware Communities are also available. Contact Us. Search Compatibility Guide:.

cucm vm matrix

What are you looking for:. Cloud Infrastructure Platform. VMware Cloud Foundation. End User Computing. End User Computing Storage.

Edge and IoT. What's New Introduction. Max Cores per Socket:. CPU Series:. Posted Date Range:. Max Certified Memory:. Enhanced vMotion Capability Modes:. Fault Tolerant Compatible Sets:. Additionally, VMware ESX is tested for compatibility with currently shipping platforms from the major server manufacturers in pre-release testing. Our goal is to support a variety of storage and network adapters used as standard options for these platforms as they come to market.

cucm vm matrix

If a specific server, storage array, or device is not listed on the Systems Compatibility Guide, please contact the vendor of that hardware to find out the plans for supporting that hardware with VMware vSphere.

In addition, many server vendors started implementing some or all VMware specified CIM providers for server manageability.Does anyone know if Cisco has a support matrix of supported ESXi version running 2.

Installing a CUCM VM

I'm planning to upgrade my VMware cluster to from 5. Anyone running 3. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. Turn on suggestions.

UCS Hardware and Software Compatibility

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Wes Austin. Cisco Employee. Awesome thanks. Latest Contents.

cucm vm matrix

Created by Muhammad Afzal on PM. Created by grewilki cisco.

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This is one of the many things that the programmatic nature of the API allows you to do, and helps facilitate and expedite initial sy Controller 1 on Server 5 is inoperable. Reason: CIMC did not Created by JohnFrancis on AM. Created by MrSirhulk on AM. I checked with Cisco Created by stagnant on AM.

Configuring CUCM to Connect to IM and Presence

Since I was unable to find any info in the documentation or forums on this topic, I'm sharing my findings here. We did get boot to a M. Create Please login to create content.VMWare virtual machines have become the de-facto standard way of running lab environments with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This can be uncomfortable for someone who has not dealt with virtual machines, but the learning curve is not very great.

This brief tutorial will help you setup VMWare. Throughout this article, I will be assuming that you will be working with a VMWare image that someone has created for you. This blog will not teach you how to create your own virtual machines and the blog will assume that you are running either VMWare workstation or server. Recall that VMWare server is a downloadable program that will not cost you anything to permanently demo, but VMWare workstation must be purchased.

Launch the VMWare console. You may be prompted with a dialog window in which you can attach to a VMWare server. If prompted, choose the local option to connect to your local VMWare service. I have a few virtual machines on my local hard drive, but I frequently run virtual machines off of my USB 2. Virtual machines run very well from flash and external hard drives.

In the VMWare server or workstation 6. If the virtual machine displays State: Suspended, the last person running VMWare suspended the virtual machine. This is important because you cannot tune the settings of a suspended virtual machine without properly shutting down the virtual machine.

CUCM virtual machines should not be abruptly stopped using the square stop button that you will see in the VMWare console. The next blog will continue the VMWare hardware tuning lesson.

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Please provide additional details. Serial Number can not be same.Does anybody know if I have to run the ciscocm. Go to Solution.

cucm vm matrix

The success to any upgrade is planning. The customer type bank or not doesn't not really matter. You need to start by reviewing the upgrade guide, release notes, and new and changed documentation for all the steps and considerations you need to take into account for this upgrade. Use cisco LCU license count utility tool to generate license report on your existing cluster.

This can be downloaded from cco. This will confirm that your service contracts is in order prior to requesting new licenses for You can send a draft here and I will be happy to review this with you. Ensure that you write down step by step what you will do on the day. The upgrade guide should be used to write down what you will do on the day. This is a very long upgrade, hence you need to document in detail what you will be doing.

You need this to login to PUT to download your media. I was doing an upgrade recently and realised that the customers ESW contract has expired. So this is crucial. PCD is your best bet. Install PCD on your Esxi host. Just create a new VM for it. It makes things much easier for you. If you don't have spare capacity to create new VM then do it manually.

Please refer to cucm Depending on the OVA template you used for your cucm8. This is because the disk size and cpu requirements is different for cucmThis document contains compatibility information for This includes subsequent SU releases as well, unless indicated otherwise. The following table highlights supported upgrade paths to upgrade to This capability is supported with most direct upgrades, but not with migrations.

The above table does not include direct upgrades and PCD migrations from the following systems. For these systems, we recommend a fresh installation as direct upgrades and PCD migrations are not supported:. The tables below lists the upgrade paths that require COP files. After you select the destination version for the upgrade, choose Unified Communications Manager Utilities to see the list of COP files.

Although it is not mandatory, Cisco strongly recommends that you run the Upgrade Readiness COP file prior to the upgrade in order to maximize upgrade success. This requirement applies only for Prime Collaboration Deployment migrations from Release If you are migrating from a higher release, such as Unified Communications Manager Version compatibility depends on the IM and Presence deployment.

The following table outlines the options and whether a release mismatch is supported between the telephony deployment and the IM and Presence deployment.

A release mismatch, if it is supported, would let you deploy your Unified Communications Manager telephony deployment and your IM and Presence deployment using different releases. Unified Communications Manager and the IM and Presence Service are in the same cluster and must run the same release—a release mismatch is not supported. The IM and Presence deployment and the telephony deployment are in different clusters and can run different releases—a release mismatch is supported.

The following table lists Cisco endpoints that are supported with this release of Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Unless they are specified in the "Deprecated Phone Models" list, phone models that are End of Software Maintenance will continue to be supported on the latest Unified Communications Manager releases.

However, they will not take advantage of any new Unified Communications Manager or firmware features associated with that release. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release The following table lists Cisco endpoints that have reached the End of Support date, but which are not yet deprecated.

Unlike deprecated endpoints, you can still deploy these endpoints in the latest release, but they are not supported actively, are not tested, and may not work. The following table lists all the phone models that are deprecated for this release of Cisco Unified Communications Manageralong with the Unified CM release where the phone model first became deprecated.

For example, a phone model that was first deprecated in Release If you are upgrading to the current release of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and you have any of these phone models deployed, the phone will not work after the upgrade. If you are using any of these phones on an earlier release and you want to upgrade to this release, do the following:. Confirm whether the phones in your network will be supported in this release.

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For any non-supported phones, power down the phone and disconnect the phone from the network. Provision a supported phone for the phone user. You can use the Migration FX tool to migrate from older model to newer model phones. Once all the phones in your network are supported by this release, upgrade your system. Deprecated phones can also be removed after the upgrade. When the administrator logs in to Unified Communications Manager after completing the upgrade, the system displays a warning message notifying the administrator of the deprecated phones.

You do not need to purchase a new device license to replace a deprecated phone with a supported phone. The device license becomes available for a new phone when you either remove the deprecated phone from the system, or when you switch to the new Unified Communications Manager version, and the deprecated phone fails to register. Deployments on Cisco Media Convergence Servers are not supported.

Refer to the following table for virtualization requirements. Ensure that the supportedcontrol attribute is configured in the LDAPv3 compliant directory servers to be used with DirSync. The supportedcontrol attribute may return the pagecontrolsupport and persistentcontrolsupport sub attributes, if configured.


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