Pcsx2 mods

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Pcsx2 mods

I am not sure how well de-interleaced content would look like, compared to a progressive picture either native or by a game which is supported well enough via GSM. I hope this can hold up to the PS3-Emulation visually! Last edited: Dec 29, TnADec 29, Hopefully people will also make patches for games whose internal resolution is in odd numbers such as x, x etc. ZarDec 29, TnA likes this. I already mentioned it in the very first sentence of the first post!!! Maybe someone else will take on that task.

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Well, bit then those people out there could even use a cheaper solution anyway, because that would strip it from a lot potential features, which the pricey implementation of it can do LIVE at a high res, without lags! TnADec 30, Looks interesting and promising, i hope they can do the best for the PS2. Best regards. The x slim is going to be possible for hdmi after all. But will require and external power brick. First capture on the digital PS2. No sound yet, and this motherboard doesn't seem to be able to read discs.

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So cannot show any games yet. Will need to install a flex onto a new mobo or try and figure out whats is going on with this machine. Last edited: May 25, SkyNetMay 25, TnA and jolek like this.This is better than the official WWE game! Been playing for a few hours nowstill can't create mode without it crashing but damn this is awesome! The work on the skins and the moves, as well as the music and design, you guys are amazing! Thank you!


Why is ticked on the ps2 in the emulator if it works but not on the ps2 a help us fix it for the ps2 please. Hello friend excellent work my question is to burn the game on a DVD and pass the save data ami memorycard but when it comes to putting the game is stuck in the logo and does not pass from ahi lo rpobe in the emulator and works medium works on DVD please give us a quick solution.

Bro while starting match after player entrances a whitescreen occurs please tell solution. Link shorter is not working, it asks me to give permissions and it never prompt, cant you use something more standard like, idk, adfly? New Titrations and theme Songs Added. This Game PAL version. Email This BlogThis! Malik Sajid May 7, at AM. May 13, at AM. May 25, at PM. Anonymous May 25, at PM. May 26, at PM. Amir Nissan June 8, at AM. Unknown June 13, at PM. Unknown June 14, at AM. June 14, at PM.

Unknown August 2, at PM. June 22, at PM. Unknown June 26, at PM. Michael July 9, at AM. July 15, at AM. Unknown July 19, at AM.

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Yunus Emre July 19, at PM. Anonymous July 21, at PM.Brilliant work Masterotaku! Thanks for the fix, let me know if anyone has gotten this working with Windows 7. By green text, do you mean the driver profile thing? If 3D didn't trigger, F11 won't do anything? And what game are you trying to play?

The vsync setting that PCSX2 has is useless in my experience. It will apply when you are in exclusive fullscreen mode. You'll notice it because disabling the frame limiter won't let you surpass 60fps, and you won't see tearing in any case. Its ok, I was so excited about this fix went and got me a pair of 3D Vision 2 glasses and a decent display so I can enjoy this and all the other great work that has been done here!

I'm sure i'm doing something silly but I am on windows 7 and cannot get anything other then a black screen.

pcsx2 mods

The normal green driver profile text appears as well as the game sound. Trying Final Fantasy 12, followed the "side By side Thank you so much for your hard work regardless. Never mind I was being silly, had a second display plugged in. Works perfect. Masterotaku you are the man!!!

Thank you for being awesome and doing what you do and a super cool name. Thank you. It's great that you solved that issue yourself, because I don't use more than 1 monitor and couldn't have helped about that. Played through on normal difficulty and everything seems to be fine. Adding in case someone might find it helpful, although there's only one shader that really needs to be disabled and people could just do that with hunting mode I've put it off for years and been waiting for development to progress and I plug games and get anomalies from increasing resolution.

Seems like thats just the way it is and options are go native or get anomalies.


Some games need hardware hacks, and some don't. I don't have that many games to test, but in general most work fine.

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But still, things are better than they were years ago in general. I don't have much else to say, other than "don't depend on savestates too much", "overclocking the EE is cool for some games that have variable internal fps", "try not to be GPU limited", etc.

Dear masterotaku. You fix not working with reshade 3. Reshade is absolutely necessary for pcsx2 - ambient light, fake hdr anm many more great fullscreen shaders there, that makes old games much better. BTW Theese two things can work together dxgi.

pcsx2 mods

I use it both in ffx hd remake for example But in this game video plugin not loading. Give me a few days for this. There are new versions of 3Dmigoto that added better Reshade compatibility. Getting 3D to work as it does right now was already difficult, so I won't be surprised if I encounter problems with Reshade even with a new 3Dmigoto build.

I hope this two great enchancers will work togathet with your help. ReShade works with this new version that I've just uploaded without problems.Modding the PlayStation 2's hardware to play homebrew games and backup discs may be a thing of the past thanks to an exploit found by a security researcher. No hardware modification is required.

Without going into the technical detailswhich you can read in his blog, CTurt created a corrupted IFO file that generates a "large read overflow. This method completely bypasses the PS2's physical disc copy protection because the system thinks it is preparing a DVD for video playback. It is unique because CTurt claims it is the only exploit that does not use non-native hardware like network adapters, an HDD expansion, or a modchip.

It also does not involve physically blocking the disc tray sensors. All that is needed is a disc. The exploit can be used for a few things. As mentioned, homebrew games and burned backups are possible. CTurt showed a video running a backup of Shadow of the Colossus above. Another shows the PS2 running a Super Nintendo emulator below. It is also possible to put multiple games on one disc providing they are small enough and run them from a startup menu.

He also says that since all optical drives, including CD and Blu-ray, operate on the same principle, the exploit could potentially work on anything from a first-generation PlayStation through to the PS4. Instructions and the required files are posted on GitHub for those interested in trying it out. Image credit: Deni Williams. In context: The PlayStation 2 just celebrated its 20th birthday on March 4.

Although the console is quite dated, it still has many fun and enjoyable games. Its age also makes it a great candidate for playing and creating homebrew titles, since voiding your warranty is no longer an issue if you mod the hardware. One of the greatest hockey games ever is getting updated with today's teams and rosters.

PS2 optical drive exploit makes homebrew games and backups playable without hardware mods

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Already have an account? Login now.ShrineFox 48 TGE 5 2. TGE 34 HulaHoopla 3 4. DniweTamp 10 Zelkin 2 6. ReLyf 8 Tekka 2 7. DeathChaos 7 lipsum 2 8. This mod fixes the looping on Ameno-Sagiri's boss fight theme, which is broken in the original version of Persona 4. Download Mod. ELF extension to it. Place replacement files in a folder named after the CVM, which goes in the same directory as the.

Click here to preview the changes and compare them to the originals in case you only want to swap out specific scenes.

Swaps Adachi them with the ying yang song from the A1 persona 4 Golden anime. A mod that replaces all of Chie's voices with her newly re-voiced P4G clips. Update 2. A mod that replaces most of the OST tracks with new official arrangements released after the game. Unlimited camera control on every map. Known issues: You need to waste a day initiating Yosuke's social link, and Chie can fight her own shadow since she's in the party early.

This is another version of the original Undub mod for Persona 4, except rebuilt using the Mod Compendium. The game should be the exact same as the previous undub while supporting mods using the new tools. A mod that replaces P4's font with a custom one made from Persona 5's font. ShrineFox DniweTamp DeathChaos 7. Persona 4 Anime Cutscenes P4 Mod by slasherguy Download Mod Feedback Voice Clips.Sunday, 28 April If you went to know about this game like a what's new in this iso and how to play in android and pc so please read full article.

About Game The bragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 is 3D fighting game for playstation 2 PS2 but now you can play this game on android and PC devices with PS2 and wii emulator. Friends it's a popular game in ps2 dragon ball Z gaming series and it was released in year To know about all new powerfull characters just keep reading below:—.

Vegeks Dragon Ball Heroes. For those who doesn't know that who is vegeks and why vegeks is a special character in dragon ball so i want to tell you that vegeks is a potara fusion characters between vegeta and his son trunks. Vegeks is a non-canon dragon ball heroes character. Vegeks can transform into a super vegeks just like vegito in this game. Villan Mira Dragon Ball Heroes. Mira is a main villan of dragon ball heroes.

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That fought with bardock in the anime series. In this game mira has his all form even that ssj4 white hair looking form which is his final transformation. Xicor is as strong as super saiyan. Xicor has all transformation with the unique attacks. Gohanks Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Gohanks is a recently created character by the toei animation and for those who doesn't know that who is gohanks so it's a fusion characters between gohan and trunks.

In this game gohanks can Transform into SSJ, ssj2 and even super saiyan 3. Goku Black Mastered Ultra Instinct. This character can't transform into mui from the base because it has no base form you must choose directly goku mui black in order to play with this character.

Gine is mother of goku and she was non-canon before the dbs movies comes and now gine is canon and new character that have been added in This game. So usually real vegeta gt in the game transforms till the super saiyan 4 but now he can go upto super saiyan god and can become SSB too. This mod has over characters with their unique and non - canon and even imaginary fan made transformations with permanent menu that can show you accurate location of every character and all the characters are belongs to dbs, dbz, db heroes, Db AF and even db absolon it means the mod has everything you want.

If you are interested in this mod so you can directly download it by clicking the link that is given below. Popular Posts. Hello Friends, Here is a new version of Naruto Vs bleach has been released this week and I am going to introduce everything about this Power Warriors This is a Android Game.

This is late This is new PIn this tutorial, I will teach you how to mod your playstation 2 to play imports and backups. This process will take 5 - minutes. You need swap magic discs which you can find online.

Mod a PlayStation 2 Slimline for FREE! NO CHIPS!

Turn the playstation upside down and unscrew the screws. Now you have it disassembled. Do not touch the power ribbon. To mod the inside, take a look at the picture.

pcsx2 mods

You will see a small cap like piece in the very top right where the red square is. Layer 2 or 3 pieces of duct tape around this so the cap is not visible. You can also use scotch or masking tape, but duct is recommended. Once you taped it up, you can put your playstation 2 back together. This is the last step! Once you put your console back together, open the flip top. Look at letter A in this picture. Don't worry about C or B.

There is a small hole in letter A, which is where the flip top closes at. Take a cm or so of toilet paper or any tissue and roll it up a little ball, and stick it in the little hole. Open and close it a couple times to get it to stick in there. Boot up your swap discs and start playing backups!

I have been doing this method for months.

pcsx2 mods

Is this what the end result should look like? I remember doing this a couple of years ago but the paper was not sticking out like that, in fact it was not visible at all so I forgot I had even done it and when I opened it today the paper fell out and I remembered. I just bought a ps2 slim and a ps2 fat 2nd-hand obviously.

However, the seller did not give me any disc to play with.


Do I really need to have a working disc before I can play burnt games? Or is there a work-around for my case? Reply 4 years ago. Yes there is an alternative to that god forsaken waste of money swap magic. There are many games out there that have files on them in.

The most famous is Agent Under Fire. By replacing the. Then from there, you can also use CogSwap to play backed up PS2 games. I did that with sooooooo many PS2 games and it works great. There were a fre problems I had but only due to scratches and burn errors. Not quite. You can, but if you wanted to take it off at one point, you wouldn't be able to with the superglue. Three things: 1. I know you posted this 5 years ago, and if you didn't get the answer you were looking for in 5 years time, sit tight.


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